ESP8266 1 Channel Relay

ESP8266 InfraRed and Wifi Controlled 1 Ch Relay

There is a simple project I want to do for a long time. Turning my remote sound system on and off using ESP8266.
The materials required for this are as follows:

  • Single channel relay card of LC Technology.
  • IR Receiver VS1838 (I had removed it from another device before.)
  • ESP-8266 Module

You install 1 ESP8266 module on the single channel relay card of LC Technology and you can control it remotely. 

This relay board has a STC15F104W microprocessor and communicates with 9600 bps 

If the card is original, it comes programmed, but if it is not original, you should program it. 

The company clearly wrote this on the site. If the light on the card is blinking continuously, the processor is without program. 

You can download the processor's program here.


I added an InfraRed receiver on this card to turn my sound system on and off from the TV remote. I connected the VS1838 InfraRed receiver to the card as follows.

A Sony brand TV. I will use the least used key on the remote to turn the sound system on and off. As I showed in the picture, I used the "Help" button for this job.

When this button is pressed, the data "22819" is decimally displayed.

The processor on the relay board needs to get hex values over the serial connection to turn the relay on and off.

You need to send A00101A2 to open it, A00100A1 to close it.

You can see how it works by examining the program I made with Arduino ide below.

This device allows you to turn the relay on and off via the web and also with InfraRed.

Download Files
Arduino IDE Sample Download:  5v-Relay-Wifi-IR-Control-Sony-Remote


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