Orange Pi Zero

Orange Pi Zero for Beginners

Orange PI Zero is a low cost and small computer.

  • Very small size (about 46 x 48mm)
  • It has no connections like HDMI. It can be used for self-embedded systems.
  • It supports headphone microphone and tv output with pin connections on it.
  • It has wifi and Ethernet connection.
  • It has a very powerful processor Allwinner H2 + system-on-chip (SoC) has a 4-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor. You can find all the features and detailed information here wiki.
  • It has Linux support. It supports Armbian versions.
  • It is very cheap. (About 15-20 $)

I will explain Armbian Linux installation on Orange PI Zero step by step from this document.

What you will need


  • Orange PI Zero (256 / 512 MB)
  • Micro SD Card and Card Reader
  • 5V 2A Micro USB Power Adapter
  • Ethernet Connection
  • A Router or Modem where we can get an automatic IP address.


Let's Get Start:

1- Let's download our Armbian Image file from the site. Click the "Direct Download" button.

2- The file is compressed, we have to open it first. The file content will be similar to the following. We need a .img extension file. We will not use others.

3- It is necessary to write Armbian.img file to disk.

Insert the SD Card you will use as a disk into the computer and start writing the file with the image writer program you want to use.

I am using Raspberry Pi Imager. You can find it in both Linux and Windows environment.

4- Click the "Choose OS" button.

Select at the bottom "Use Custom" option.

5- Select the "Armbian.img" image file.

6- Click the "Chose SD Card" button.

7- Select the SD Card you want to use it.

8- Click to the  "WRITE" button.

9- Armbian.img file is writing on the SD card. You need to wait a little.

10- After the writing process, we safely remove our card. It can wait 99% too long.